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The science of Instagram

You would be surprised by the fact but Instagram is not a social platform where a group of teenagers post their pictures merely for fun. Remember that these teenagers are actually part of your consumer base and as a brand, you should respect that. You would find that Instagram can help your brand a lot. Imagine there are 150 million users on this social media website, which is phenomenal. There are brands like Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret which have acquired a wide number of likes and followers. However, there is actually a science behind getting popularity on this website; you need to get Instagram likes and followers.

Perhaps one of the best ways that you can get these likes is by posting your photos on Instagram but sharing it on your Facebook profile. This is because Facebook has a bigger newsfeed and allows for high-resolution images, as well. Therefore, you can actually allow your facebook fans to become Instagram followers if you post teasers on the Facebook page for your Instagram account. Customers like the element of surprise, so you should make the most out of it. You would find that you can also use the fan base that you have built on your Facebook page by running an Instagram contest. This will allow more fans to get into your Instagram account and thus share it with their friends and followers on Instagram. You would become popular in no time.

In addition, if you hold an Instagram contest, then you would be able to acquire a great number of followers, as well as instagram likes. You can always provide a small prize such as discount or a gift card, which would actually ensure that people follow you on the page, like your photos and also talk about you on this platform. You can always have a “Like-to-win” contest, which would mean more likes for your posts ultimately. Participants need to simply double click your photo and then follow it and it would be done in no time.

In addition, the Internet world runs on interaction and engagement with other users. Therefore, you need to have a give and take relationship. You should follow other people’s posts and also like other brands’ photos. People would then also do the same for your brand. You should like other photos and videos, as well. When the user sees you have liked his or her post, they are likely to view your page and then like something that appeals to them.

Therefore, there are numerous ways that allow you build up Instagram likes. However, you need to get on with it immediately if you want to become popular. You can always buy these likes if you want an instant start because this would provide you the jump that you need. This move should only be followed if you have enough money to pay to the websites that provide this service. You also need to be careful with this because you might end up being black listed if there are any illegal ways used to increase your likes. Get real likes from those people that have active engagement on Instagram.

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